Punctual Pornstar(s) Something Wicked This Way Comes

5 Reasons why you should stop tagging Jennifer Lawrence as flawless.


Warning: Sexism and other things of offensive nature ahead.

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Holy shit, I just wanna say that i am neither a huge fan of jennifer lawrence nor do i hate her guts, but honestly, I don’t think that she’s being insensitive on purpose. I think you’re just hating to hate. I seriously wouldn’t take what shes says to heart, because shes probably just posing that sort of funny yet i don’t give a shit demeanor, because she thinks that’s what the public likes and wants to see. People these days do this all the time and that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily being ignorant or rude… but i digress, because everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so i guess think what you want. 

Went into the city today, and bought a jacket from a thrift store and put it on. Walking down the street I see two homeless people with a dog and decide to give them five bucks. A little further down the street I feel somewhat compelled to check the pockets of my new jacket, and inside one of the pockets was a five dollar bill. I thought to myself, this day couldn’t get any weirder. Even further down the street, I see a neon restaurant sign that read “karma”. Coincidence? I think not.

It's Getting Pretty Steamy In Here